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Wesley Buckwalter

Dr Wesley Buckwalter

Presidential Fellow and Permanent Faculty Member

Areas of research

morality and ability, disability, psychopathology, epistemic obligation, free will, implicit/explicit bias


Department of Philosophy, University of Manchester

Selected publications:

  • Buckwalter, W. Implicit attitudes and the ability argument. Philosophical Studies. [in press]
  • Buckwalter, W. Mind-brain dichotomy, mental disorder, and theory of mind. Erkenntnis. [in press]
  • Buckwalter, W. Epistemic injustice in social cognition. Australasian Journal of Philosophy. [in press]
  • Buckwalter, W. & Turri, J. Inability and obligation in intellectual evaluation. Episteme. [in press]
  • Buckwalter, W. (2017). Ability, responsibility, and global justice. Journal of Indian Council of Philosophical Research 34(3), 577-590.

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