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Vuko Andrić

Dr Vuko Andrić


Areas of research

normative ethics, such as consequentialism,
principle that 'ought' implies 'can';
political philosophy, boundary problem in
normative democratic theory


Institute for Future Studies, Stockholm
Department of Philosophy, University of Bayreuth

Selected publications:

  • Andrić, V. Consequentialism and robust goods, Utilitas. [forthcoming]
  • Andrić, V. Hedonism, desirability and the incompleteness objection, Thought. [forthcoming]
  • Andrić, V. (2019). Hobbesianische Theorien des Sozialvertrags, Aufklärung und Kritik, 69, 108–119.
  • Andrić, V. (2017). How do affected interests support global democracy?, Journal of Global Ethics 13(3), 264–278.
  • Andrić, V. (2017). Objective consequentialism and the rationales of ‘ “ought” implies “can” ’, Ratio 30 (1), 72–87.

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