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Riana Betzler

Dr Riana Betzler

Teaching Associate

Areas of research

philosophy of psychology and cognitive science, philosophy of biology, philosophy of medicine


Department of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Cambridge

Riana Betzler has a background in psychology/cognitive science that she often draws on in her work. She has also worked within interdisciplinary institutes and departments (the Konrad Lorenz Institute and Cambridge HPS). Her main research interest is on empathy, the emotions, and social cognition, and especially whether/how psychological and neuroscientific research in these domains can be used in applied settings such as medicine and law.

Selected publications:

  • Betzler, R. J. (2018). How to clarify the aims of empathy in medicine. Medicine, Healthcare, and Philosophy, 21(4), 569-582.
  • Betzler, R. J. (2016). Is statistical learning a mechanism? Philosophical Psychology, 29(6), 826-43.
  • Edwards, B. J., Rottman, B. M., Shankar, M., Betzler, R., Chituc, V., et al. (2014). Do capuchin monkeys (cebus apella) diagnose causal Relations in the absence of a direct reward? PLoS ONE, 9(2).