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Pascale Willemsen

Dr Pascale Willemsen

Assistant Professor

Areas of research

moral responsibility, free will, agency, the folk concept of lying, causal cognition, omissions, experimental philosophy


Institute of Philosophy, Ruhr-University Bochum

Selected publications:

  • Willemsen, P. Investigating the role of causal responsibility for the attribution of moral responsibility. Münster: Mentis Verlag.[forthcoming]
  • Willemsen, P. The relevance of alternative possibilities for the attribution of moral responsibility, Oxford Series in Experimental Philosophy, Oxford University Press. [forthcoming]
  • Willemsen, P. & Kirfel, L. (2018). Recent empirical work on the relationship between causal judgments and norms, Philosophy Compass, 14(1), e12562.
  • Wiegmann, A., Rutschmann, R.,  Willemsen, P. (2017). Empirically investigating the concept of lying, Journal of Indian Council of Philosophical Research, 34(3), 591-609.