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Ophelia Deroy

Prof Ophelia Deroy

Chair of Philosophy Mind
Head of Cognition, Value and Behaviour

Areas of research

social cognition, perception


Faculty of Philosophy, University of Munich

Selected publications:

  • Deroy, O., Spence, C., & Noppeney, U. (2016). Metacognition in multisensory perception. Trends in cognitive sciences, 20(10), 736-747.
  • Deroy, O., Reade, B., & Spence, C. (2015). The insectivore’s dilemma, and how to take the West out of it. Food Quality and Preference, 44, 44-55.
  • Deroy, O. (2013). Object-sensitivity versus cognitive penetrability of perception. Philosophical studies, 162(1), 87-107.

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