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Menges Leonhard

Dr Leonhard Menges

Assistant Professor

Areas of research

blame and responsibility, right to privacy


Faculty of Philosophy, University of Salzburg

My research focuses on responsibility and blame. I am particularly interested to better understand how the two relate to each other and if a good account of our blame responses (such as anger emotions) helps to make sense of classical questions about responsibility and free will.

Selected publications:

  • Menges, L. (2017). Grounding responsibility in appropriate Blame, American Philosophical Quarterly, 54 (1), p. 15-24.
  • Menges, L. (2017). The emotion account of blame. Philosophical Studies, 174(1), 257-273.
  • Altehenger, H., Gaus, S., & Menges, A. L. (2015). Being realistic about reflective equilibrium. Analysis, 75(3), 514-522.