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Lorenzo Del Savio

Dr Lorenzo Del Savio


Areas of research

political philosophy, bioethics, philosophy of biology, public health ethics


Munich Center for Ethics, University of Munich

Current research interests:

  • Normative significance of parochial prosocial dispositions
  • Philosophical consequences of theories of human self-domestication

Interdisciplinary experience:

2010-2014: Doctoral programme in “Life Sciences: Foundations and Ethics” - Università di Milano/Istituto Europeo di Oncologia: European School of Molecular Medicine

Selected publications:

  • Del Savio L, Cavaliere G, Mameli M. (2018). Migration and cooperative infrastructures. Philosophy & Technology.
  • Del Savio L. (2017). The place of crowdfunding in the discovery of the scientific and social value of medical research. Bioethics 31(5), 384-392.
  • Stupka E, Del Savio L, Loi M. (2013). Social epigenetics and equality of opportunity. Public Health Ethics 6(2), 142-153.