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Kevin Reuter

Dr Kevin Reuter

Lecturer and Post-Doctoral Researcher

Areas of research

normative concepts, causal and moral judgements


Institute of Philosophy, University of Bern

Selected publications:

  • Sytsma, J., Bluhm, R., Willemsen, P., & Reuter, K. (2018). Causal attributions and corpus analysis, in E. Fischer and M. Curtis (Eds.), Methodological advances in experimental philosophy, Bloomsbury.
  • Reuter, K., & Messerli, M. (2018). Transformative decisions. The Journal of Philosophy, 115(6), 313-335.
  • Reuter, K., Sienhold, M., & Sytsma, J. (2018). Putting pain in its proper place. Analysis, 79(1), 72-82.
  • Del Pinal, G., & Reuter, K. (2017). Dual character concepts in social cognition: commitments and the normative dimension of conceptual representation. Cognitive science, 41, 477-501.

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