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James Andow

Dr James Andow


Areas of research

philosophical methods, empirical research in philosophy,
epistemology, ethics, free will and moral responsibility, philosophy of language, metaphysics and aesthetics



School of Politics, Philosophy, Language and Communication Studies, University of East Anglia

Selected publications:

  • Andow, J. (2019). Why don't we trust moral testimony? Mind and Language. [in press]
  • Grindrod, J., Andow, J. & Hansen, N. (2019). Thirdā€person knowledge ascriptions: a crucial experiment for contextualism. Mind and Language, 34 (2), 158-182.
  • Andow, J. (2018). Why don’t philosophers do their intuition practice? Acta Analytica. [ahead of print]
  • Roberts, P., Andow, J. & Schmidtke, K. A. (2018). Lay intuitions about epistemic normativity. Synthese, 195 (7), 3267–3287.
  • Andow, J. (2018). Are intuitions about moral relevance susceptible to framing effects? Review of Philosophy and Psychology, 9 (1), 115–141.

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