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Georg Marckmann

Prof Georg Marckmann

Head of the Institute for Ethics, History and Theory of Medicine

Areas of research

ethics of medicine


Faculty of Medicine, University of Munich

Selected publications:

  • Friedrich, O., Hemmerling, K., Kuehlmeyer, K., Nörtemann, S., Fischer, M., & Marckmann, G. (2017). Principle-based structured case discussions: do they foster moral competence in medical students?-A pilot study. BMC medical ethics, 18(1), 21.
  • Schleidgen, S., & Marckmann, G. (2013). Re-focusing the ethical discourse on personalized medicine: a qualitative interview study with stakeholders in the German healthcare system. BMC medical ethics, 14(1), 20.
  • Marckmann, G., Sanktjohanser, A. M., & Wicker, S. (2013). How the weight of the ethical arguments depends on the empirical “facts”. The American Journal of Bioethics, 13(9), 53-55.

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