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Daniel Schunk

Prof Daniel Schunk

Chair of Public and Behavioral Economics

Areas of research

behavioral economics


Department of Economics, University of Mainz

Selected publications:

  • Schunk, D., Houser, Winter, J., & Xiao, E. (2018). Temptation and Commitment in the Laboratory. Games and Economic Behavior, 107, 329-344.
  • Bruhin, A., Fehr, E., & Schunk, D. (2016). The many faces of human sociality: Uncovering the distribution and stability of social preferences. Journal of the European Economic Association. 
  • Schunk, D., Morishima, Y., Bruhin, A.,  Ruff, C. C. & Fehr, E. (2012). Linking brain structure and activation in temporoparietal junction to explain the neurobiology of human altruism. Neuron, 75(1), 73-79.
  • Bartling, B., Fehr, E., Maréchal, M. A., & Schunk, D. (2009). Egalitarianism and competitiveness. American Economic Review, 99(2), 93-98.