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Anna Wehofsits

Dr Anna Wehofsits

Assistant Professor

Areas of research

self-deception, manipulation, practical (ir)rationality,
emotions and their ethical functions, character development, Kant's ethics


Faculty of Philosophy, University of Munich

Selected publications:

  • Wehofsits, A. Passions. Kant’s psychology of self-deception. [in review]
  • Wehofsits, A. (2017). Mitgefühl in Kants Ethik. Die Kultivierung emotionaler Dispositionen, DZPhil, 65(5), 830-850.
  • Wehofsits, A. (2016). Anthropologie und Moral. Affekte, Leidenschaften und Mitgefühl in Kants Ethik. Quellen und Studien zur Philosophie. Berlin/New York: De Gruyter.